Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Subscription

What types of projects can I use moods music for?
What makes moods music different?
Do you offer refunds if I don't cancel my trial before the end of the 14 days?
Am I automatically billed after the 14 day trial period?
Is there anything I can’t use moods music for?
Will I be subject to any copyright strikes on YouTube when using moods music?
Am I grandfathered in to the $6 a month price point?
How often do you add new tracks to the moods catalog?
Can I use moods songs in other countries?
Does each song I download have it’s own license?
How many songs from the moods music catalog am I allowed to download?
How long does the music license for each song last?
Why am I only hearing a 60 second preview of the track?
Do you guys offer single track licensing?
Who is creating moods tracks?
If I cancel my subscription after a couple of months, do I get a refund on the remaining months?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Can I share my account with other users?
Can I share songs with friends or relatives to use for their projects?
Are there any additional costs or hidden fees once I sign up?
What format are downloaded songs in?
Does my subscription auto-renew?
How do I cancel my subscription?

Custom Scoring

Why use moods Custom Scoring?
How long does a custom scoring soundtrack take?
Can you finish a custom scoring track in less than 1-3 weeks? Is expediting the process an option?
How much will this cost?
How long does the license last for the song?
Is the custom soundtrack exclusive to me?
What format do you send the final soundtrack or song?
How will you reach out to me?
When is payment due for a custom scoring project?
What if I don’t like the soundtrack moods scores for my project?
How do you integrate the custom score or song seamlessly with my video or project?
What kinds of projects can I use a custom scored soundtrack for?
In addition to music, can you score sound effects for video and film projects?
Who mixes and masters my custom score?

Contact Us & Support

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