a license for any project.


Our pricing is simple: one fee, once a year. That covers you for the entire year. Unlimited usage for every song in our library, including all of the new songs added every week.

Lifetime Use

The license of every song you use is good for a lifetime. If you cancel with us after a year, you can still use any of the music you have downloaded for any project, in perpituity.


As a YouTube creator, you can upload your videos with our music worry free of any copyright strikes. Being that all of our music is originally written, it is not subject to Content ID, YouTube's sytem of monitoring piracy.

Artist in Mind

Finally, a team of producers who understand the struggle of finding quality music for their projects. Every one of our tracks keeps you, the filmmaker and creative in mind, making our music the easiest to use for whatever your project needs.

Types of Projects Covered

  • Commercial Projects
  • YouTube Videos
  • Short Films
  • Feature Films
  • Social Media Advertisements
  • Events
  • Weddings
  • Podcasts
  • Broadcasting
  • Streaming
  • School Projects
  • Home Video
  • Religious/Charity
  • TV
  • Radio
the best music for your videos

a license for any project.